Rosemarie’s Schleckerland

Rosemarie’s Schleckerland

Year: 1978
Country: Germany
Language: German
Genre: Feature, Classic
Duration: 01:18:21
<tags>1970,filejoker porn,vintage porn,Irene Falcke plays the receptionist in the Munich hotel
Johanna Ebertseder redheaded girl in Munich brothel
Karin Hofmann plays Rosemarie
Margitta Hofer plays the chambermaid in the Munich hotel
Petra Abstein blonde girl in Munich brothel
XNK0607 plays Sepp Gneissl’s wife, as Susi Rammler?
XNK2838 dark haired girl in Munich brothel
XNK2840 blonde girl at Rosemarie’s
XNK2841 black girl in peepshow
XNK2842 blonde girl in peepshow
XNK4785 the dark haired girl at Rosemarie’s
Sepp Gneissl plays Felix Rammler
Mario Pollak plays Tony Bock
Rainer Hauselmayer
Sascha Atzenbeck
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video: XviD 704×480 24fps 2143 Kbps
Audio: MP3 48000Hz 126kbps
File Size: 1.17 GB

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